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In a stunning novel filled with suspense, secrets and brooding evil, Clive Allistair, the patriarch of the royal family of American horticulture, reigns supreme over three generations of Allistairs, rose breeders of some of the world’s most treasured cultivars. His black rose became the standard for Allistair roses, all named for renowned literary figures or works. But the secret of their roses will die unless Clive’s grandson Stephen takes a wife. He chooses courageous single mom Lily Perkins. Having survived a teenage pregnancy and a hard-knock life to emerge triumphant as an interior designer, she’s the perfect woman to bear his child and carry on the Allistair name.

Clive throws a lavish party for a gathering of his Gulf Coast neighbors and the horticultural elite to introduce Stephen’s fiancée and her teenage daughter, as well as his new blue rose–named for one of his favorite poets. In the fairy tale atmosphere, Lily believes her dreams of love and a stable family are about to come true…until she starts to renovate her soon-to-be-home. What she finds behind locked doors in Allistair Manor is a chilling and deadly truth that threatens her dreams and puts everyone she loves at risk. There’s only one person Lily knows she can trust–Dr. Jack Harper, the man who has had her back since she was a child. But they’re in a race against time. Can the two them survive long enough to expose the ultimate evil of a SAVAGE BEAUTY?



Maggie Carter’s life feels as unpredictable as the monster snow storm sweeping the northwest and bearing down on Minnesota. Her marriage to Joe is on the rocks and her daughter Kate is driving home from college for the holidays, perhaps the last one they will ever spend together. As Maggie prepares for Christmas the unthinkable happens. On the drive home her daughter vanishes. Even worse, she’s the third college girl to disappear near the frozen Superior Hiking Trail within the last two years. Is Kate trapped by brutal nature or is she in the hands of a monster? Maggie, a Search and Rescue handler, and Joe are galvanized into action. Can they find their daughter—and their way back to each other—before it’s too late?


Leaving their baby with Callie’s zany mama and her legendary dog Elvis, Callie and Jack head to a weekend getaway in Memphis. Cousin Lovie and her new hunk’a burnin’ love husband go along for a delayed honeymoon at the famous Peabody. But somebody with revenge always on his mind turns the romantic tryst into heartbreak hotel. With the body count rising, the cousins and Elvis go into full sleuth mode. Can they catch the bad guys before everybody’s left crying in the chapel?

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 WHAT WE KEEP (SAR TRILOGY, BOOK 1), Romantic Suspense

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THE COLLECTOR (FAME, BOOK 3), Romantic Suspense

“Is your fifteen minutes of fame worth dying for?”

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