I’m excited to announce that my brand new suspense novella, THE ALLY, will be available to you Saturday, November 26. If you have preordered, it will automatically download to your Kindle. If you are ordering now, here is the link.

THE ALLY is book four of the multi-author suspense series, but there are no cliffhangers. Each book is connected by having a philanthropist in the story, but each one stands alone and can be read separately.


I’ll be giving away purple Ally tee shirts starting this Saturday and for the next few weeks! Don’t miss these giveaways.

Your name will go into the hat for a drawing every time you hit the Share button on my Facebook posts about THE ALLY.  These tee shirts were made especially for the contest in limited quantity and will not be available anywhere else.

There is nothing to buy. Just help me spread the word about THE ALLY.


After you read THE ALLY, please do leave a review at Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter and other social media. Reviews provide feedback for an author and also help other readers find the book.

I so appreciate your loyalty and the unfailing support you have given me through the years! You are the best!


I am now on the team of authors at ChristiansRead.com. I will be posting every other Tuesday on a regular basis. You can read my first blog post today, WORDS MATTER, on www.ChristiansRead.com, which is part of Vicki Hinze’s website.

All the posts on this site are either devotional in nature with references to scripture, inspirational, motivational, or simply good, clean fun. You might find us discussing vacations, holidays, or the simple pleasures we enjoy every day.

On Saturdays, our thoughts turn to books, of course! We will discuss our latest work or talk about other books we are reading. Always good, clean fun.

My dear friend, Vicki Hinze, founded the blog and assembled a group of authors who write either Christian books (with a clear intent) and/or clean books (without bad language). 

I have intentionally kept my later book free of offensive language, and I think they are better for it.  

ENJOY this holiday season, and as always, thank you for reading and for being such loyal fans!


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