Last year I teamed with good friends and fellow USA TODAY bestselling authors, Vicki Hinze, Debra Webb and Regan Black to bring you BREAKDOWN, a thriller series that reviewers dubbed “an epic whodunit.”  This year we’ve added two more good friends and masters of the genre to our collaborative team, bestselling authors Rita Herron and Cindy Gerard.

We’ve pulled out all the stops in this chilling series. All the stories are set against the backdrop of a monster snowstorm sweeping through the Northwest. All of them are page-turning suspense with just enough romance to give you an ending that feels perfect for the holidays. Because these stories are connected only by the storm, there will be no book-to-book cliffhangers.

       STORM WATCH Series

Each author brings a unique set of skills her story. Deb’s dark and gritty hallmark is all over book one. In book two, Vic puts her complex mind to work on the problem of a deadly virus about to be let loose in an airport at Christmas. Rita’s book three features a town so detailed you’ll feel as if you’re with the characters in their harrowing searching for the Twelve Days of Christmas killer. In book four, Regan turns her charming style to the story of former sweethearts reunited in a diamond heist gone terribly wrong. I have book five, and in book six, Cindy Gerard shows just why her books top the New York Times bestseller list.Her book combines a really charming love story with an edge-of-the-seat search for a gang with end-of-the-world doom on their minds.

In my book, SNOW BRIDES. Maggie Carter is a Search and Rescue handler who, along with her dog, finds the missing. She never dreamed she’d have to put her skills to work to find her college-age daughter Kate in the midst of the worst snowstorm in Minnesota’s history. Nor did she count on racing against a depraved murderer to get to Kate first. You’re going to LOVE the thrilling cat and mouse game between Kate and the monster who took her.

The SAR dog is based on my own loyal canine companion of fifteen years. I loved bringing him back to life!  I also love Maggie and her husband Joe. It was fun to dig deep into their hearts to find out why their marriage is on the rocks and to see if they could find their way back to each other. Have a tissue ready for the ending. I cry every time I read it!    

This year’s six-book, multi-author series is entitled STORM WATCH. You can preorder all six now. They will be available in ebook and paperback format starting on Thursday, December 5, with a new one coming out each Thursday through January 9.

All six of us are putting finishing touches on our books now. I hope you enjoy reading the STORM WATCH series as much as we enjoyed writing it!

As always, thank you for reading my books, for sharing the news on your social media and writing such great reviews! I’ve been writing for a very long time. It’s my fans who keep me going. 



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