Sometimes I think being a writer is a juggling act, and then I realize that life is the true juggling act. Balancing work with family and friends takes discipline and lots of patience sprinkled with generous doses of love.

Since my office is at home, I have to be careful to protect my writing time. The temptations are many–accepting a spontaneous invitation with my friend Coy Ann to take a day trip exploring antique shops, going with my older sister to discover a new dress shop, trying out a new restaurant with my friend Alice Virginia, tucking into a chair with a good book because I’d rather read today, visiting the garden center to find the latest variety of hydrangea for my garden. Sometimes I even convince myself it’s high time to rearrange the closet instead of writing my way out of a deadly corner I’ve created in my latest novel.

My rationale is that I can always catch up with my writing tomorrow. That rationale only works if I don’t let myself get so far behind I can only make up for lost time by spending really long hours at the computer keyboard, six days a week.

Currently I find myself in major catch-up mode. I’ve spent too much time (a)gardening—check out the gorgeous Impressions hydrangea I found!– (b)visiting (c) and yes, I even rearranged my sock drawer.  My Storm Watch deadline looms! Send chocolate!

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