Recently, I did an interview for the amazing indie publishers at Smashwords, and I’m really excited to share it with you! It was one of the most in-depth interviews I’ve done in a long time. You will find lots of inside information about my writing process, my inspirations and the path my career has taken. If you have questions I didn’t answer, leave a comment on this post. I’ll make sure to go back and add your questions and my answers to the Smashwords’ interview.

Smashword’s interview

Here’s an update for the coming year: I’ve just finished another Southern  Cousins Mystery. April is the pub date for Elvis and the Devil in Disguise. This cozy is chock full of surprises that will knock your socks off. I’ve also included a prequel to my new Charmed Cat series in the back of the Elvis mystery—A Charmed Cat Mystery In Which The Wilds Vanish.

The first cozy in my new Charmed Cat series will be published in early summer. Look for A Charmed Cat Mystery In Which Magnolia Wild Escapes sometime after June 1. My plan is to write at least three cozies in this new series. But plans have a way of changing, so we’ll see.

You loved BREAKDOWN last fall, and I’m deep in collaboration with my author friends who were part of that thriller series. We’re cooking up another series for the end of this year, romantic suspense this time. More details will be announced soon.

I’m thrilled by reader response to my latest historical fiction written under the pen name, Anna Michaels. “WOW!” has been the reaction of fans who love Bluebird Flying Backward and the full-length bonus novel, When We Grew Wings. You can get it now in both ebook and paperback. The paperback is HUGE, nearly 700 pages. That’s lots of good reading. I have another Anna Michaels novel that I will be writing this year. Stay tuned for details and pub date.

That’s it for now. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for reading!

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