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Elvis & Peggy are talking

l. Are the Elvis the dog’s memories of being the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll real?

Elvis: You’re kidding! Right? Since I came back in a dog suit, they can’t keep enough bananas and peanut butter at Gas, Grits and Guts.
Peggy: His memories are authentic. I not only share a birthplace with Elvis, but I also share bits of common history. His maternal grandparents lived on my grandfather’s farm. Also, I’m indebted to historians Julian Riley and Rachel Ann Harden (The Roots of Elvis Presley), Alanna Nash (Baby, Let’s Play House), May Mann (Elvis, Why Won’t They Leave You Alone), Elaine Dundy with Roy Turner (Elvis and Gladys), Tom, James, and Michael De Medeiros (Elvis, The Complete Music Catalog) and many more for their biographies of the King.

2. Will your cast of characters remain the same?

Elvis: Callie collects people almost as fast as she collects strays. There’s no telling who she’ll drag into Mooreville next.
Peggy: Mooreville’s population is 650 and half and growing. Though the core characters will remain the same (Cousins Callie and Lovie; Mama, Uncle Charlie, Ruby Nell and Fayrene), Uncle Charlie already has a new assistant at Eternal Rest Funeral home (Bobby Hucabee who has a psychic blue eye). And Callie’s looking for a manicurist for Hair.Net.
Elvis: You forgot Lovie’s main squeeze, Rocky Malone.
Peggy: No, I didn’t forget. I just don’t know if she’s going to let him stay.
Elvis: I thought you were in charge. Except of yours truly, of course.
Peggy: Not always. My characters are very stubborn. Usually, they do what they want. I just trail along behind taking notes.

3. How many books will be in the series?

Elvis: More than Jarvetis’ favorite redbone hounddog Trey has fleas.
Peggy: Amen.

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Meet Roy...Peggy's friend, webmaster and now a Hollywood producer. He and his film partner, Jim Palmer, produced a documentary about the 1956 Homecoming concert Elvis did at the Mississippi - Alabama Fair & Dairy Show, which premiered at the Elvis Festival in Tupelo. The documentary generated enough interest that it was re-shot in HD as Elvis: Return to Tupelo and aired on A & E's Biography Channel. It was re-edited as a 60 minute program and played on selected PBS stations. Roy and Jim are listed along with Emmy nominated producer Mimi Freedman as co-producers. For more on the film go to This picture was taken during the 5th Annual Tupelo Film Festival, backstage at the historic Lyric Theatre.


Did you know

Did you know Elvis’ mother, Gladys, worked as a housekeeper for Grace Reed of the Auburn community? Elvis was a baby at the time and was often put in the cradle with Grace’s son, Arthur Roy. Arthur Roy is now Peggy’s brother-in-law.

Did you know Peggy shares Elvis’ love of ostentatious rings?

Did you know Gladys’ sister, who died as an infant, is buried in the cemetery built on land donated to Andrew’s Chapel Church by Peggy’s grandfather?

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What I'm Reading

I’m reading Forensics for Dummies as I prepare to knock off another victim or two in Elvis and the Pink Cadillac Corpse, a Southern Cousins Mystery. Should I use poison this time or something a bit bloodier?

I enjoyed Tracy Tynan’s Wear and Tear, The Threads of My Life, a fascinating look at growing up as the daughter of the famous Tynans, Kenneth, a theater critic and writer, and his wife, novelist, Elaine Dundy.

If you haven’t yet read All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, hurry to get it!

Photo by Rosemary Dillard

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