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What Readers Are Saying!

Confessions of a Not-So-Dead-Libido
"I am so enjoying Confessions that I am reading each page three or four times. I savor each page. The two heroines are so real, so beautifully drawn, that I feel like I am enjoying a modern day Dickens novel. This is the stuff of really good literature and transcends any genre. P. S. Why Confessions isn't a hardcover is beyond me. Readers outside your fan base should have the opportunity to love this book."

Louann, MS

"I SO enjoy reading a book about women MY age. :) One of my favorite scenes in the book is when Louise is enjoying the simple pleasures, like the beauty of a fall tree.... And I love the small paragraph on page 287 where you wrote, 'The trick is to move on, to remember the t hings worth keeping, and to do everything in your power to keep them them- friendship and family and a tender self-regard that makes allowances for mistakes.' Thank you so much for another great book."

Kathy, Washington

"The opening line of Confessions was the funniest I've ever read. What a terrific book about life, friendship, love and sex after fifty. Your characters were so well drawn (they always are, and I know you've heard this a thousand times) that I KNEW them. The story is poignant, funny, down-to-earth, and once again appeals to 'everywoman.' Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!"

Andrea, FL

"The book is pure pleasure…It may be your finest yet! Hard to say because I've loved every one you've done."

Jane, MS

"Well, alllrighty then! I am weary 'cause I lacked about 40 plus pages reading your latest…I tried to stay awake, but Tylenol PM finally decided to work…but at 3:00 a.m. I figured 3 hours was enough to sleep, so I slipped out of bed, grabbed my book, tippytoed to the living-room, put on a pot of Folgers French Roast, fed the cats, and commenced to read….LOVED IT!"

Glenda, MS

"I loved it. I think it's your best one yet."

Johnie Sue, MS

"My favorite in the three you've written for the NEXT line."

Leslie, MS

"This is your best one. You have a true gift for comedy. But you also write with poignancy and lyric beauty. This book touched me on so many levels."

Jill, MS

"I love this book. It's very funny but it also has great depth and wisdom."

Anita, FL
What Readers Are Saying!