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What Readers Are Saying!

Flying Lessons
"I just finished Flying Lessons last night and I loved the story. It will be going on my favorites list!"
Kathy, WA

"I had a great time this past weekend with Flying Lessons. It was definitely a memorable reading experience.

"I just loved Flying Lessons. I feel like I took flight when I decided to go back to school."
Sharon, FL

"I just finished Flying Lessons and loved it. I enjoy your humor."
Tammie, Michigan

"I loved it. I just read and giggled. It's your best book yet."
Evelyn, Tupelo

"I just loved it. In fact I loved it even more than Driving Me Crazy…which I absolutely ADORED!"
Marvalene, Idaho

"I just finished Flying Lessons… and I loved that book. You write the best stories."
Kim, IL

"I had to tell you the book is great! I'm waiting for the next one."
Maxine, AL