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What Readers Are Saying!

Driving Me Crazy
Driving Me Crazy is truly excellent. The weatherman's statements at the beginning of each chapter are a stroke of genius. I've read each page three times because the writing is so smooth and each page is something of a hammerstroke. There is every reason this ought to be in hardcover and on the New York Times best seller list.

Louann, Booneville, MS

“I received your book and I find it really wonderful.”

Cristina, Romania
“I am nearly finished with Driving Me Crazy and several times I have stopped and said to myself, how does this woman know my life?!! Thank you for writing such good books about people I’d like to know.”

Angel, VA
“I love all your books, especially Driving Me Crazy...It helped in my grieving process. You are a Gift and an Angel.”
Lyn, WA
"I just picked up Driving Me Crazy and I absolutely love it. You made my day!"

Tammy, MS

"This has to be one of the best books I've ever read. It's funny and sad, full of tears and yet hope. It's a wonderful story."

"I love, love, love this book...Your characters are so real I feel like they are people I know. I plan to read everything you write from now on. I hope you know that as a writer, you truly do have an effect on people. Your effect is a "shiningly" positive one."
Valerie, Waycross, GA

"I loved it. I work at Wal Mart and when I was reading the part about Mama driving the motorized cart, I could not stop laughing because I have seen how some of our customers drive those carts. Thanks for such a GREAT book."

"I just wanted you to know how much I loved reading Driving Me Crazy. I gave it to Mom hoping it might be an inspiration since the 'mom' in the book had so much spunk and never gave up. Thanks for inspired reading."

"The book is great."
Arlene, Idaho

"It was great! You touched so many emotional chords in my life. My favorite passage (if I can only pick one) is on page 190. To come to the realization that one is such a small part of the greater scheme of our universe is both gripping and gratifying. You are an awesome writer."
Roy, Tupelo, MS

"I think this book touches a nerve in everyone that has had any life experiences dealing with a loved one in Mama's situation. It consoles them in knowing others have the same issues and it gives them hope and humor in the midst of their tribulations. You have a real winner."

"This is just about the funniest, most riveting story I've read since the last Anne George! Keep up the good work. What a talent!"
Sharon, Kingston, GA

This is one of the best books I've read in a long time!"
Cindy, Palmer, Alaska

"I found it! I sat up all night reading it and couldn't put it down till I read all the way to the last page. It is amazing and worth waiting for! I cried, laughed and enjoyed the whole journey with the Lucas family. Thanks for writing such a wonderful book. I can't wait for the next one."
Nikki, Amory, MS

"I have never written a fan letter in my life, but please add me to your list of fans. Your book moved me to both tears and laughter. Pat Conroy is one of my favorite writers. He strings words together that sparkle like perfectly cut diamonds in the sun. Your writing created a double strand necklace in my world. I eagerly await any and everything you write."

"I loved the book! My favorite line was on p. 175: 'There's a quiet place inside us where angels are whispering, and they're saying, See?'"
Christine from Suffolk, VA

“Driving Me Crazy is the most delightful book I’ve read in a long time. I’m 80 years old and would love to think I have a bit of ‘Mama’ in me.”
Joy from Brewton, AL

“I was unable to put it down…. That was exactly the book I needed…Your characters are so real I just want to walk into the story and share a hug with the girls and some life advice from Victoria.”
Tonya from Nova Scotia

“I absolutely love Driving Me Crazy…Please keep writing books like this and you will have me for a reader for life.”
Dawn from Horn Lake, MS

“I loved it. Great characters!”
Tara from Birmingham, AL

“I am on page 130 and I just read and laugh.”
Tammy from Houston, TX

“The book touches all my senses. I could feel the love, smell the roses, taste the peach cobbler and hear Mama singing along with Rainman. I just love it!”
Alice from Tupelo, MS

"The book is so good I just want to jump into the pages with the characters. I love it!"
Sue, Tupelo, MS

Peggy's authentic Native American jewelry (quill and beadwork) was designed and custom-made by her friend, Lana Heathcock of Bear Clan Crafts.