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What reviewers say about Peggy Webb..…

“Romantic suspense at its best.”
Debra Webb, national bestselling author of Obsession, The Faces of Evil series

“From the talented pen of versatile author Peggy Webb comes a complex and emotional story of the clash between cultures and hearts with love being the forbidden goal.”
Romantic Times

“Ms. Webb’s Witch Dance is filled with passion, mystery, and powerful emotion that is steeped in Chickasaw tribal culture and customs. Don’t miss this very exciting and enjoyable read.”
The Time Machine


"It doesn't matter where Callie Valentine Jones goes, trouble follows. This series is a joy - funny, charming, eccentric and with enough twists, turns, and false leads to satsify any reader."

Pat Cooper, Romantic Times, 4 1/2 STARS

"Zany characters combine with a witty plot in a cozy sure to please series fans and attract new ones.” Look for the book Sept. 27th!
Publisher's Weekly


"What a genuinely fun book! The premise of Elvis being reincarnated as a hound dog is nothing short of genius."
Robyn, Once Upon A Romance

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"Read this one (ELvis and the Memphis Mambo Murders) for its laugh-out-loud humor and the perfect pitch setting (besides Graceland we get Beale Street, the Rendevous and all sorts of river settings). Particularly enjoyable are the chapters offered up in the voice of Elvis the dog: 'I know what I know. Something foul's afoot, and I'm not talking about the Peabody ducks.'"

Augusta Scattergood
Delta Magazine
"Elvis is alive and well, and living it up in Memphis - well, sort of. This particular Elvis happens to be a feisty little basset hound belonging to Callie Valentine Jones, who thinks he's the "King" reincarnated and he happens to be a pretty good little sidekick for his mystery-attracting/solving owner! There's a whole lotta shakin' going on in Peggy Webb's hilarious new cozy mystery. In the third book in her "Southern Cousins Mystery" series, Webb continues to delight readers...Writing humor isn't as easy as it would seem, but in a style that will remind readers of beloved mystery author Anne George's "Southern Sister" mysteries, author Peggy Webb captures the same charm and grace in her delightful funny tales, along with just the right amount of suspense that will certainly delight cozy readers. I know I'll be a fan for life, now!"
Sharon Galligar Chance
Wichita Falls Times Record News
Webb has not only brought together two of the funniest amateur sleuths in recent years, she’s tossed in a king — well, a basset hound who believes he’s Elvis reincarnated into a fur suit — with a snarky sense of humor and a nose for trouble, who’s determined to keep his human mommy and daddy together — and alive — despite themselves.

Callie Valentine Jones and her cousin Lovie are tagging along to Memphis to keep Callie’s mama Ruby Nell out of trouble. She may be geriatric, but Ruby Nell has entered herself and her silver-haired dance partner in a Memphis mambo contest. Then a woman does a swan dive from the top of the hotel and Callie finds a diva floating in a famous fountain. A murderer is loose in Memphis and it’s going to take Lovie, Callie, her hunky almost-ex Jack and a basset hound named Elvis to keep Ruby Nell safe and bring home the mambo trophy.

Pat Cooper
Romantic Times - 4 1/2 Stars!
"In this third installment in Webb's comic mystery series...Callie and Lovie - along with Callie's basset hound, Elvis - accompany Callie's mama, Ruby Nell, to Memphis for a mambo contest.... Webb writes purely funny scenes, with wacky characters getting into ridiculously silly situations, and all with a southern flair."

" In Webb's wacky third Southern Cousins Mystery (after 2009's Elvis and the Grateful Dead) beautician Callie Valentine Jones swings into sleuth mode with her sidekick, cousin Lovie, after a participant in a dance contest...takes a fall over a concrete parapet at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee....Elvis continues to be the saving grace of this sometimes cute, sometimes corny cozy series."
Publishers Weekly

"An anthropomorphic reincarnation of Elvis sidelines a murderer. Reborn as a basset hound, Elvis accompanies his human companion Callie Valentine a dance competition at the swank Peobody Hotel in Memphis....Every inch as gruelingly cute as Elvis and the Grateful Dead (2009).
Kirkus Reviews


"I was laughing hysterically over everything Callie and Lovie got themselves into. The story reads with true southern charm so well that I could actually hear their accents in my head. If you're looking for laughs galore and a charming mystery that will make you smile, ELVIS AND THE GRATEFUL DEAD is the way to go."
Rachel Dimond, Fresh Fiction Review

“Lighthearted fun between the covers of Elvis and the Grateful Dead…. For women readers, there’s the relationship between Callie and her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Jack. For Elvis fans, there’s the reincarnated King silently judging his impersonators with wry disdain. Best of all, the novel’s perspective shifts back and forth between Callie and Elvis, resulting in an almost seamless blend of chick book and guy (ahem, dog) mystery.”
Jim Fraiser, Daily Journal

"There's plenty to entertain the reader in ELVIS AND THE GRATEFUL DEAD. Things like eye-rolling antics, laugh-out-loud moments, clumsy stake-outs and break-ins and suspect-tailing. There's also personal angst. But let's not stop there.; let's add a bit of danger, too. Can't wait for Callie and Lovie's next escapdae.
Connie, Once Upon a Romance

When the greatest star of all time comes back in the form of a charming pup determined to help his human mom and dad save their marriage, you have to keep turning thje pages. Webb's sly sense of humor and neatly plotted mystery is laugh-out-loud hilarious.

Pat Cooper, RT

"Elvis fans are in for a treat. Hair-stylist Callie Valentine Jones and Lovie, her best friend and caterer (cousin) are doing their bit for the annual Elvis Festival in the king's hometown of Tupelo, Miss. A highlight of the festival is the rockin' Elvis impersonator competiton. Alas, when the imnpersonators start dropping dead, Lovie becomes the prime suspect. Elvis the hound dog sniffs for clues as Callie and Lovie slip into detective this comic crime caper."
Publishers Weekly (Oct.)


“This reviewer has imagined a lot of things in her lifetime, but reading a book narrated by a Basset Hound named Elvis that believes he is “The King” reincarnate, has never once crossed my mind. Thank goodness Peggy Webb has a much better imagination than I.

ELVIS AND THE DEARLY DEPARTED is a hoot, and is full of bawdy humor, colorful, appealing and mostly quirky characters, and an offbeat storyline that is reminiscent of “A Week-End at Bernies.” This is the first book in the “Elvis Mysteries” (Southern Cousins Mysteries) and we can look forward to ELVIS AND THE GRATEFUL DEAD later this year.”

"Peggy Webb is a master story teller and the preeminent comedy writer in America today. It was with great anticipation and high expectations that I waited for the first book of her new comedic Southern Cousins Mystery Series, since I devour everything she writes. I was not disappointed; instead I was mesmerized, entertained and joyously laughing through the final chapter. ELVIS AND THE DEARLY DEPARTED is without a doubt the funniest book I've ever read! Peggy Webb has delivered a bravura performance from start to finish. Not only did Webb create a dog who thinks he's Elvis Presley, but she made me belived it! I can't wait for the other books in the freshest, most exciting new series in the mystery genre."
Sandra Fortune, Ed.D., ETSU faculty


"The Long Distance Mother is absolutely the best you've done."
Laura Cartwright

"This very special trilogy strikes at the heart of what it means to ber a mother....A beautifully written anthology that will resonate across generations...
Library Journal,
Kristin Ramsdell
California State University

"Webb's latest work of genius continues to feed the spirit with wisdom, provide a large slice of humor and connect with the soul. The women in the story are semi-traditional, with a touch of daring spirit and resonant Southern culture..Powerful, piognant and piercing."
Sandra Fortune, Ed.D.

“Creating firm and forceful friendships in her books may well be the author’s greatest gift…As in all Webb’s literary offerings, Late Bloomers is brimful of tears and laughter, a bunch of freewheeling fun and a few life lessons scattered in for good measure….Best of all, it’s another good read from the prolific Webb.”
Leslie Criss,
Daily Journal

“Webb has an uncanny ability to create characters that get under the skin and into the heart…Perhaps her greatest gift as a writer is creating female friendships of an intense depth…As I closed the book…I thought of a quote by the late, great Selma Diamond. It’s exactly how I feel about Confessions of a Not-So-Dead Libido. ‘I laughed. I cried. It became a part of me.’”
Leslie Criss,
Daily Journal

An excellent voice, Southern style, and humor make Late Bloomers (4.5) by Peggy Webb a joy to read. Emily Jones is a widow who hasn't adjusted to her new, unprotected life. Her husband took care of real life for them both, and she isn't sure what to do without him. Delta Jordan, her best friend and cousin, has issues with men because her father deserted her family when she was young. A travel writer, Delta persuades Emily to come with her to Italy. There, Emily learns to live and Delta learns to bloom. Wonderful characters, story and heart make this a winner. Delta's new love is especially wonderful.
Page Traynor,
Romantic Times

"The strength of this book is the tightness in which it is written. No rabbit chases. No perfunctory drama. No wasted words. Flying Lessons is a real good story written in an authentic voice in a very familiar setting....This author is one to keep your eyes open for."
The Mississippi Press,
Reba J. McMellon

"(In Confessions of a Not-So-Dead Libido) Webb has created another hilarious book that is definitely one of my favorites...another totally entertaining, beautifully written work of genius. Grab this enchanting novel for hours of superb reading!"
Sandra Fortune, Ed. D.,

"Told with a strong, humorous voice and characters who are all too human in their jealousy, Confessions of a Not-So-Dead Libido by Peggy Webb has unusual twists and terrific laughs."
Page Traynor
Romantic Times Reviews

“Peggy Webb provides a delightful look at friendship that has survived everything for over forty-five years.”
Confessions of a Not-So-Dead Libido
Harriet Klausner,

“Webb has succeeded in writing another powerful novel that keeps you riveted to the story from beginning to end. If you enjoyed Driving Me Crazy you’ll be equally delighted with this latest Webb masterpiece!
Flying Lessons
Sandra Fortune, Ed. D.,

“A story of a stale marriage becomes comedy in the hands of veteran novelist Peggy Webb… Beth’s story is not just lighthearted whimsy…This is a wise, lyrical and sometimes-zany novel of three characters searching for answers in an all-too-real world.”
Flying Lessons
Mike Talbert,
poet and retired journalist

“Tupelo writer soars again with Flying Lessons….a zany, enjoyable trip.”
Leslie Criss,
Daily Journal

“Peggy Webb’s latest novel is another sure-fire winner. Peggy explores the anatomy of a marriage with humor, wisdom and grace.”
Laura Cartwright
The Banner Independent

"(Driving Me Crazy is) warm, witty and wonderful. Webb has added another winner to her lengthy array of novels. You will definitely want to visit 'life with Mama' in this masterpiece... the must-read book of 2006!"
Sandra Fortune, Ed.D.

“Driving Me Crazy, a must read for a new year. It’s fun, it’s poignant and it’s a great read…a fine book to lead off your list.”

Leslie Criss.
Daily Journal

"What fun, what fun!"
Driving Me Crazy - Liz Flaherty,

"If you can buy only one book this year, make it Driving Me Crazy by Peggy Webb. Part of the book's charm is that Peggy has taken on a weighty subject - coping with the declining heath of a beloved mother --and turned it into a triumph of the human spirit."
Laura Cartwright
The Banner Independent

"Every once in a while, you read a story that you know will stay with you for a long, long time. For me, this is that book. A little bit Driving Miss Daisy, a little bit Fried Green Tomatoes, and a small dash of Saturday Night Live make this one of the most heartfelt-and funny- books that I've read recently. If you haven't read a book in Harlequin's new NEXT line, you need to. And you need to start with DRIVING ME CRAZY...This is a definite winner."
5 Ribbon
Jen Wardrip
Romance Junkies

"Dramatic, pulsing with emotion and multi-textured. You will not soon forget this book."
From a Distance
"Affaire de Coeur"

"Peggy Webb has penned a superb tale of betrayal and obsession with characters so real they seem to jump from the pages."
From a Distance
"I'll Take Romance"

"Before you start reading Peggy Webb's story….please arm yourself with a fresh box of tissue….Ms. Webb addresses tragedy and anguish, hope and courage and love…This story is framed by deep, human emotion that any parent will immediately recognize as the fearsome truth. But the reward of seeing both of the central characters and the supporting characters become living, breathing people in front of your eyes is worth the investment in tissues, and certainly in Where Dolphins Go. Congratulations, Ms. Webb, on writing an extremely rare and fine new book!"
Where Dolphins Go
Linda O'Connor
"The Time Machine"
A Book Rack Publication

"The latter part of the book deepens the initial attraction into love with a rare lyric beauty that catches at the heart. Ms. Webb is an extremely perceptive writer, capturing every nuance….in great detail."
Rave Reviews in
"Romantic Times"
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