Peggy's Missouri Tour
20Callie (Lisa)
A restorative trip to the casino
Fayrene (Marte Bock) and Elvis (Peggy)
Live Bubbles (Cheryl Propst), Sugarbee (Kathy Wolfe), Lovie (Barb Baker) and Mama (Linda Maasen)
Lovie (Barb)
Lovie (Mary Muenks), Dead Bubbles (Jo Anne Beller) and Callie (Lisa Klebba)
Lovie and Callie (Mary and Lisa)
Lovie, Callie and Lovie (Mary, Lisa and Barb)
Main Street Book Club, Jefferson City, MO  Terry Arter, Peggy, Val Moersch, Linda Dunbar
Mama (Rita Starnes) and Fayrene (Marte)
Pasties in the casket at Eternal Rest
Peggy with Happy Bookers, Linn, Missouri