“In a style that will remind readers of beloved mystery author Anne George, Peggy Webb captures the same charm and grace in her delightfully funny tales, along with just the right amount of suspense to delight cozy readers.”

                                                                                           The Times Record News

Magnolia Wild Vanishes

Book 1 of the Charmed Cat Mystery Series. Maggie Wild, an Olympic Gold Medal sharpshooter, had a job, a fiancé and a life–until she stumbled upon the secret activities of her fiancé’s family. Now she’s on the run, hiding out in New Orleans with two eccentric great aunts. What could be safer than two little old ladies who own a lotion and potion shop and think their cat can talk?

Maggie hadn’t counted on murder in their knitting circle. Nor had she expected to have a roommate in her apartment above the Charmed Cat, a hunky PI who could uncover her secrets as easily and he uncovered her weak spot for exactly the wrong man. But the biggest surprise is the aunts, who have more secrets than the FBI. Can she help solve a murder before her cover is blown and she becomes the next victim?