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Sunday Cove Series
By Peggy Webb

Welcome to SUNDAY COVE, a new romantic contemporary series by the beloved and iconic USA Today Bestselling author, Peggy Webb.

The Legend of Orange Blossoms weaves its love spell over the citizens of Sunday Cove. But for church hostess Holly, knee deep in preparations for a Christmas pageant and taking care of a crotchety grandmother, to boot, there is no time for spells. She just needs to get through the holidays without eating too much of Clara’s homemade pumpkin pie. And then she meets Mr. Big Shot Washington DC Oh So Wrong! With a little help from the Sunday Cove regulars, can Holly turn Mr. Wrong into Mr. Right? Each book in Sunday Cove stands alone and can be read out of sequence. You’ll want to get all eight! Birds of a Feather is next.

The Legend of Orange Blossoms has woven its love spell over Sunday Cove since the Civil War. But Mary Ann, a thoroughly modern widow with two small boys, believes there will be no second chances for her, regardless of an outdated legend. Then her mother packs her off to a bird watchers’ retreat, and she keeps getting rescued by a sexy birder with a killer smile and a great sense of humor. Is it possible for the legend to work so far from home? Is it possible to put the past behind and take another chance on love?

Amy Logan, a zany inventor with a robot named Herman, has moved to Sunday Cove with her eccentric mystery-writing aunt in an attempt to pull herself together after the death of her beloved husband. She never expects to be caught in the spell woven by the Legend of Orange Blossoms. And she certainly doesn’t expect to fall for a sexy judge who is her polar opposite. She doesn’t know whether to call him Your Honor or call him delicious. But can a man as conservative as Judge Todd Cunningham fall for an impulsive imp like her? And can she grab her second chance without feeling she has betrayed her first love?