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Stars to Lead Me Home

Peggy Webb

The Must Read Book of the year. From the beloved bestselling author of Driving Me Crazy and The Sweetest Hallelujah.

If you’ve ever tried to pick up the pieces after a marriage goes up in smoke, you’ll know Maggie. If you’ve ever thought your daughter might not speak to you again or a life-threatening illness would claim your best friend, you’ll understand Maggie’s heart. And if you’ve ever wished on a star, you’ll cheer for her throughout this book. “It’s the kind you can’t wait to share with your best friend! The Must Read book of the year!”

Letter from the Author

This novel is very dear to my heart. When my courageous and beautiful Aunt Maxine died a few years ago, she was the world’s second longest living recipient of a donor heart. I’ve always intended to write about her journey, and this novel gave me the perfect opportunity.

Still, getting a “borrowed heart,” (Aunt Maxine’s words) is the secondary story line in Stars to Lead Me Home. This is a novel about coping with divorce after a long-time marriage, something many of my friends and I know all too well. All of us understand the heart of Maggie. We understand that it was our female friends who pulled us through. In the end, then, the truest thing I can say about Stars to Lead Me Home is that it celebrates the joy of friends, the compassion, laughter and tears we use to handle whatever life throws at us.

As always, I thank you for reading this novel, for loving my books and for remaining loyal fans for so many years!



"Delightful...I highly recommend this book."

"Women's fiction at its finest!"

"THE MUST READ book of 2015. It's the kind of book you can't wait to share with friends!"
Dr. S. Fortune