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Elvis and the Rock-A-Hula Baby Capers

Note from Peggy: Enjoy this latest romp with Elvis and the Valentine gang and some good eating, too. Most of the soup recipes in this book are ones I developed out of desperation, i.e. filling the soup pot with whatever I could find! I do hope you’ll have as much fun reading this book as I had writing it! And please do leave reviews! This helps other readers find the cozy series.

About the Book

The secret is out! Jack and Callie have decided to have a baby and the whole Valentine clan is offering bad advice. Join the fun and as a bonus, enjoy soup recipes from cousin Lovie’s kitchen. To prepare for their future blessed event, Callie talks Jack into attending baby boot camp. Of course, Elvis and the gang tag along. But somebody is out to spoil the fun. When a pacifier comes up missing, there’s a whole lotta crying going on. Then a killer targets the Valentines, the Company sends in a new hunk’a burnin’ love, and the whole family goes into a fever! Can Elvis save the day before bad boy Jack backs out of fatherhood and Callie becomes the next murder victim?

Read Elvis and the Rock-A-Hula Baby Capers and find out why reviewers call the Southern Cousins cozies “…a bestselling series that is the perfect combination of mystery, romance and just plain fun!”


“Clever and wickedly witty…”
-Tom Wilson, Creator of Ziggy©

“Peggy Webb and laughter go together like Grits and Gravy.”
-Vicki Lewis Thompson, NYTIMES bestselling author

“Pure Southern lunacy of the best possible kind. Read this book, then give it to your best friend – or anyone else you know who needs a good laugh…I can’t wait to see what Callie and Elvis get up to next.”
-Laurien Berenson, author of Doggie Day Care Murder

“A fast-paced fun read full of clever narrative and witty dialogue. Kooky well-written characters, right down to the dog. Pure entertainment!”
-Dixie Cash, author of Don’t Make Me Choose Between You and My Shoes