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Readers’ Guide

Elvis and the Grateful Dead

A Southern Cousins Mystery

Just for fun!

  1. Does Lovie show a serious side in the second Southern Cousins Mystery? If so, what is it? Do you think it’s catching?
  2. Just what kind of game were Grandma and the Big Bad Wolf playing? Were Peggy’s romance roots showing in that scene?
  3. Compare the merits of the two hunks of burnin’ love – Jack and Champ. Which one will the author let end up with Callie? Which one do YOU want to end up with Callie?
  4. What’s going on between Uncle Charlie and Mama?
  5. Is Bobby Huckabee’s blue eye really psychic? Do you want to see him become a bigger character in future Southern Cousins Mysteries?
  6. In what ways is Fayrene becoming a more prominent character? What about Jarvetis?
  7. How do you think they make pickled pigs lips, anyhow?
  8. Is Elvis really the King reincarnated? Does Callie believe he’s the King? Why do you think he believes it?
  9. Do you want Lovie to end up with Rocky? Why or why not?
  10. Do you know where the author can find some of Callie’s cute shoes at a bargain? If so, do tell!

  11. Book Two of the Series: Elvis and the Grateful Dead, coming in ‘09

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