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Shirley Simchik writes, “I’m a southern cousin, and I would like to know why Jack and Callie broke up. What was the deal on his motorcycle? Will they get back together? I take it Jack’s some sort of secret agent. Thanks for your answer, Elvis, my hero and king.”

Thank you, thank you very much. It’s great to know my fans still love me, even in my current incarnation as a Basset. Anybody who calls me “my hero and king” deserves answers. If it was up to me, I’d tell you everything, by my author believes in “conceal and reveal.” She’s planning to give you the inside skinny on Jack and Callie in books two and three, Elvis and the Grateful Dead (Sept. 29, 2009) and Elvis and the Memphis Mambo Murders (end of Sept., 2010).

I’ve been trying to get Jack and Callie back together from the get-go. If he’d listen to my advice and take her out for an exotic dinner at the Mooreville Truck Stop like I did with my sweet Frenchie (poodle, that is), he might get somewhere. I do my best to take care of all the Valentines, but between Mama’s penchant for poker and Lovie’s colorful love life, I’ve got my hands full. In fact, I’m wiping my handsome sweaty Basset face with a silk scarf and tossing it to you!

Maybe fans ought to write my author and let her know what they think. Do you want Jack and Callie or Champ and Callie? (Hint: Jack lets me ride his Harley and gives me T-bone steak!)

What was Peggy’s inspiration for the Southern Cousins Mystery Series?

Naturally, I was the inspiration. If you think I’ve lost one iota of my charm just because I got sent back in a dog suit, you’re sadly mistaken. I can still bring a French poodle to her knees!

How many books will be in the series?

If I have anything to say about it, she’ll write as many books as I have fleas. And let me tell you, after I got caught courting down on Ruby Nell’s farm with my back alley girlfriend, that’s fleas aplenty.

Will you be in every book?

Listen, I ain’t nothin’ but a hounddog, but not only will I be in every book, I’ll be in every book TITLE.

Hi Elvis, I think you're handsome. My name is Mouse. I'm a micro-mini teacup chihuahua and I live in Iowa. I'm definitely your number one fan! You're the handsomest hounddog on the planet! You're the King!

My question is this: how do you keep your author, Peggy, in her chair cranking out stories? My author, Maggie Rivers, always seems to be jumping up out of her chair for coffee, chocolate, more coffee, more chocolate - well you get the picture. I do have some railroad spikes and I've threatened to nail her feet to the floor but so far I haven't resorted to that yet. So how do you do it? P.S. You can see a picture of me on Maggie's website. Just sign me Mouse (one love sick puppy)

Magnolia "Maggie" Rivers

Hello, Mouse. Thank you, thank you very much. You pen such a good letter I'm "Almost in Love." If you ask me, "Long Legged Girls" are overrated. Give me a foxy Basset who knows how to put on the "Witchcraft" or a cute little chihuahua who knows her way around a teacup any day.

The secret to keeping my author in the chair is putting the chocolates right on her desk. Hershey's kisses with almonds. Parting the Red Sea is child's play to plowing our way through the gold wrappers every evening. Forget coffee. With my author, it's green tea chai or nothing. I can't complain about her drinking habits, though. She always takes her chai in a mug that features the handsome face of Your Truly.

She's blogging about all this Oct. 6 at www.vickilewisthompson.com

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