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Readers’ Guide

Elvis and the Memphis Mambo Murders

A Southern Cousins Mystery

Suggested discussion questions:

Just for fun!

l. What do you love most about Graceland? How does Peggy use this setting to enhance her story?

2. Do you think anybody will recognize Elvis, the basset hound, as the King reincarnated and serve him a fried peanut butter sandwich? Have you ever had a fried peanut butter sandwich? Why not?

2. How and why is Lovie trying to light Rocky’s fire? Is she barking up the wrong tree with her old fashioned gentleman? Why or why not?

3. Bobby takes a larger role in the third Southern Cousins Mystery. Would you like to see his role expanded? Why or why not?

4. What’s up with Mama and Uncle Charlie? Why are they feuding? How do they make up?

5. What kind of tattoos do Lovie and Callie get on Beale Street? If you were getting a tattoo, where would you put it and what would it be?

6. Now you know what Jack does! Discuss his role with the company. What makes dangerous heroes appealing?

7. Will Callie choose Jack or Champ? Who would you choose? Why?

8. Who is Callie’s new manicurist? How do you see her fitting in with the crowd at Hair.Net?

9. I love Fayrene’s malapropisms! Make up some of your own. Send them to me right away!

10. Would you like to see some of the Southern Cousins Mysteries set in places other than the Deep South? Why or why not?

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