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Touched by Angels – Description

Left to cope by a husband who couldn’t, Sarah Love has a mother’s fierce determination to see that her four-year-old daughter learns to walk and talk like other children. Jenny is special, and Sarah will fight tigers to keep her from getting hurt. Making a fresh start, Sarah moves to Florence, Alabama, to set up her doll shop and raise her daughter.

Jake Townsend has everything – wealth, looks, success, friends – except the thing he wants most, the daughter who always said, “I love you best in all the world, Daddy.” After he lost Bonnie, Jake became a daredevil, jumping from planes, pushing his motorcycle to the limit, tempting fate at every turn to snatch him the way it had snatched his daughter…

Until…fate put a four-year-old with Bonnie’s blue eyes in the path of his motorcycle. Jake brakes to rescue Jenny, though he swears to himself that he will not get involved. But how can he turn away from a little child who sees with her heart, who forms instant attachments, who staunchly declares, “Me love ‘ake,” and never swerves from her stubborn opinion? How can he ignore the mother, standing in front of her falling down house and her unkempt yard, her proud stance and fierce courage daring him to pity her, daring him to comment that her child is different?

The least Jake can do is mow Sarah’s yard. Then what would it hurt to paint the house? And fix the porch swing for Jenny? But Jake hadn’t counted on the allure of Sarah’s beautiful face and sweet spirit, his own desire and growing determination to protect Sarah and Jenny at all costs. He hadn’t foreseen that in rescuing Sarah and Jenny he would rescue himself.

He also had not foreseen that Sarah would run when he offered more than paint and hammer and nails, much more than companionship for Jenny in their back yard tea parties. Could Jake make her see that she didn’t have to choose between him and her daughter That Jenny, with all her stubbornness and flaws and special needs, was part of the package?

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