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The Edge of Paradise

The Edge of Paradise is a deeply emotional, tender love story that shouldn’t be missed.” KW, Rendezvous

Product Description

Rosalie gave up her dreams of being a singer for love. But when her beloved young husband dies leaving her to raise two boys alone, the spunky widow takes on two jobs to keep her family afloat- secretary to a law firm by day, waitress at The Edge of Paradise Café by night. Years later, a second marriage proved disastrous. When the not-so-nice Mr. Brown passes away, Rosalie becomes the talk of the town by refusing to wear widow’s weeds. The scandalous Widow Brown closes ranks with her now college-age boys and swears off men forever. Her plan might have worked if David Kelly hadn’t moved next door. A dangerously sexy ex-cop, haunted by the thought that he let his female partner – and the love of his life – die in a drug deal gone bad, he has vowed never again to be any woman’s protector.

But that was before he met Rosalie. That was before a stray dog adopted him and Rosalie’s college boys welcomed him and Rosalie’s boss made sure David always had table two at The Edge of Paradise Café.

When David’s passion for Rosalie spirals out of control, he knows he must leave to protect the woman he loves. Before he goes, he wants to help her claim her dream. But Rosalie refuses to take without giving. She drives a bargain that seals their fate.

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