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That Jones Girl (The Mississippi McGills, Sequel)

“It’s a pleasure to see a marvelous set of lovers who always meet on equal ground.”
Romantic Times

“A rousing and hilarious story with never a dull moment.”
Affaire de Coeur

“Peggy Webb is a comic genius.”
NYT bestselling author Charlotte Hughes


(Mississippi McGills, sequel) Mick Flannigan had been Tess Jones’ best friend, first lover and first husband until the Irish devil walked out without saying goodbye. Then Fate brings them back together and sparks fly. Tess has gone through two other husbands searching for the Mick Flannagan brand of love. She’s sworn he’ll never get a second chance to break her heart, and Mick has sworn to keep chasing his rainbow. Fate throws them another curve in the form of a homeless old man on a quest to find his son. When Tess and Mick join forces to help him, will they discover that what they’ve been looking for was right in front of them all along?