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Saturday Mornings

“It’s a pleasure to see a marvelous set of lovers who always meet on equal ground.”
Romantic Times

“A fresh and humorous voice that makes reading plain fun.”
Affaire de Coeur

“Peggy Webb delivers again!”
The Paperback Forum


Saturday Mornings is book 3 of the romantic comedy series, Mississippi McGills, spun off from the popular Donovans of the Delta.

Andrew, the youngest of the McGill siblings, is a dog whisperer of extraordinary charm, content to live in the country with his guitar, his hammock, and a kennel full of field trial champion bird dogs. Enter Margaret Leigh Jones, uptight librarian with her equally skittish poodle who won’t quit wetting the rug, and suddenly Andrew McGill’s Saturday morning is turned upside down. He decides not only to teach the poodle, but the owner as well. What could be more fun than bringing a shy woman out of her shell?

Just as Margaret Leigh discovers that all her maiden aunt’s warnings about men in leather jackets are false, a family secret tears her world apart. When she sets out on a course of self-destruction, there is only one man to save her. But can Andrew ever convince her to trust again? Can he make her believe that everything he has done was out of love? Follow them on a journey that is both wise and funny.

Books 1 and 2 are Valley of Fire and the award-winning Until Morning Comes.