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Hallie’s Destiny (Donovans of the Delta)

“It’s a pleasure to see a marvelous set of lovers who always meet on equal ground.”
Romantic Times

“A rousing and hilarious story with never a dull moment.” Affaire de Coeur “The Donovans of the Delta classics are a heartwarming portrayal of family. Peggy Webb’s unique voice and comedic touch make this charming Southern series a true masterpiece. The stories made me laugh out loud and cry. Just amazing!”

Debra Webb, national bestselling author of the Colby Agency series


Donovans of the Delta Series, Book Three
Hallie Donovan had gone camping with her dogs to ponder a life going nowhere and to forget an ex-husband whose control had made her a virtual prisoner. Then along comes an all-too-charming man who shares her interest in the freedom of the open road. She’ll enjoy his company for a few days, but she has other plans for her future. Finishing her degree in special education, for one. She’s making no promises.

Camping to escape the harsh realities of a broken family dependent on him, Josh Butler never expected to encounter The Woman in Red, the most successful model his Fortune 500 company had ever hired – and the most desirable. But he’d seen the havoc a lethal beauty could wreak. He’s making no promises.

When their paths cross again, they discover that some promises are made to be broken. But is love worth any risk?

This five-book romantic comedy series, originally published by Loveswept, was considered to be their definitive family series. Any Thursday is the sequel to Hallie’s Destiny.