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Duplicity – Product Description

Fiery, independent Dr. Ellen Stanford loves nothing better than being holed up in her mountain research facility, teaching the gorilla Gigi to “talk” using sign language. She doesn’t have time to fulfill the Stanford family’s expectations that she settle down to marriage and family. Instead of disappointing the family – again – she decides to hire a fake fiancé for the family reunion.

Enter CIA agent Dirk Benedict, a loner whose only mistress is danger. When his car breaks down on Ellen’s mountain where he is vacationing, she mistakes him for the fake fiancé her friend had sent up the mountain for her to interview. Intrigued by the opinionated, red-haired beauty – not to mention her 500-pound gorilla – Dirk decides to play along.

Too late, the real fake fiancé enters the picture, takes one look at the gorilla and runs screaming off the mountain. What’s Ellen to do but head to the family gathering in Tennessee with the dangerously sexy undercover agent who has already captured the heart of her gorilla?

Sparks fly. Not to mention a pie or two when Gigi takes umbrage at being called an ape. She prefers fine animal gorilla.

“Webb is a fresh and humorous voice that makes reading plain fun.”
Chelley Kitzmiller, Affaire de Coeur

“Webb turns on the heat….Put this goodie under your pillow.”
A Gift for Tenderness RT review

“Powerful and unforgettable reading.”

From a Distance RT review

“Thought provoking and truly different.,..Peggy Webb has woven a truly tender tale with a fairy tale ending.”
A Prince for Jenny RT review

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