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Dark Fire …. Description

TOP Gun pilot Sid Granger has the power to seduce women from afar with nothing more than words and music, courage that earned him the call name “Eagle,” the respect of his buddies and the gratitude of the nation he serves and protects. What the fighter pilot lacks are movie star looks and self confidence with the opposite sex.

When renowned model Rose Anne Jones - known around the world as The Face – walks into the Parisian bar where Sid and his buddies are enjoying their holiday, the pilots instantly get up a bet who can be the first to score a date. Sid’s buddy, the socially inept Lightning, begs Sid to be his mouthpiece.

And so the charade begins. But every love poem Sid writes, every piece of music is straight from his heart. Thinking the beautiful Rose Anne beyond his reach, Sid pours out his heart under the guise of helping a friend.

Rose Anne quickly falls in love. But it’s not Lightning who has captured her heart. She has fallen for the soul of the man whose poetry and music drive her mad with passion. Finally, unable to equate what he says with what he does, she asks Sid’s buddy to sing to her, to quote beautiful poems…in person.

In a balcony scene filled with a comedy of errors, Rose Anne discovers that Sid Granger is the man who has seduced her under the ruse of helping a friend. She takes refuge in another assignment as far away from him as she can get. When Sid follows her to Africa, he is not courting her for another. He’s declaring his own love. But will it be enough to make Rose Anne forget the charade and love him as much as she loves his music?

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