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A Prince for Jenny – Description

Touched by Angels sequel. Born special, Jenny Love-Townsend has to struggle for every achievement. With the love and support of her family, she has become a world-renowned artist. Still, she longs for the things other women take for granted – independence, acceptance, romance, a hero who will look beyond her limitations and see her heart. When Fate sends Daniel Sullivan’s children for a portrait sitting, Jenny believes she’s found her prince.

But Daniel is a man in the public eye - wealthy, successful, handsome, a sexy, much sought after single dad. Unexpectedly, he falls for the ethereal, talented Jenny. But their unlikely romance puts her under the glare of media attention that could be her undoing…and under the gun from his ex-wife who declares Jenny is not capable of being a mother to his children. How Jenny and Daniel find their happy ending against all odds makes this one of the most heartwarming and unusual romances you’ll ever read.

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