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December - January

Welcome to my website and my gardens! All the pictures are scenes from the gardens I designed and planted – then photographed - around my home in northeast Mississippi. Most of them are spring and early summer. Late summers are so brutally hot, only a few brave flowers and my culinary herbs thrive and live on through the winter.

Here is the latest book and other news.

Here is the latest book and other news.

Books –

You’ve touched my heart with your lovely letters about The Tender Mercy of Roses. I love hearing from you and will always answer your letters.

The Tender Mercy of Roses is available in hardcover, digital and trade paperback. You can get signed bookplates here. here.

My second novel, The Language of Silence, is underway and will be available sometime in 2013. This book has a touch of circus magic. I’m enjoying the research in books such as Behind the Big Top and Mud Show. Though the wonder of the circus you loved as a child threads throughout the story, the focus is on Ruth and Ellen, their powerful bonds of family and friendship, and the incredible journey they undertake.

Once again, I’m working with my fabulous editor at Simon & Schuster, Abby Zidle. When I have more details about the pub date, I’ll let you know.

Bookplate –

My webmaster has made it easy to get a signed bookplate for The Tender Mercy of Roses on the Extras page. Later, we’ll also have one for The Language of Silence.

Book Clubs –

You can book me for a FREE telephone conference with your book club on the Calendar page.

Social Media -

Consider this your invitation to join me at on FB, Twitter and at Simon & Schuster’s Pocket After Dark, no RSVP required!

There is so much on these web pages I want to share with you – Reader’s Guide, Fun Facts, simply amazing advance reviews, an excerpt of The Tender Mercy of Roses, and much, much more.

Pour yourself a cup of tea, pull up a chair, and stay a while to visit. And do come back often.