I’ve teamed with a lovely group of authors to bring you a multi-author suspense series, The Philanthropists. There will be six novellas in the series. Though each book is written as a stand-alone, they are connected by theme. You’ll want to get all six. I’ll post details about all the books here within the next two weeks.


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My novella in The Philanthropists series is The Ally, a chilling suspense set in Vicksburg, MS, a historic city in the bend of two rivers, the Mississippi and the Yazoo. Pub date is November 26.

It’s midnight in the Deep South, and innocence walks side by side with evil. Do you know where your child is?

You can pre-order at this link.


I had gorgeous tee shirts made for The Ally. Between now and Christmas, I will be giving them away on SHARE contests on my FB page. There is nothing to buy. The shirts are my gift to you for helping spread the book news.

You’ll find all the contests on my Facebook page. Links are all over this website. The first contest will be October 13.  Watch for it!

Tee shirt sneak peek!

 Happy reading!

Peggy Webb

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