I have lots of amazing news for you! Once again I’m teaming with my writing besties on another chilling romantic suspense series. Most recently we did STORM WATCH and prior to that BREAKDOWN. Now we’re all writing like the wind to bring you BEHIND COSED DOORS: FAMILY SECRETS.

There will be five books, a new one each Wednesday starting December 2 through December 30. We are very excited about this series! While the books are connected and you’ll definitely want to read them all, there are no cliffhangers, and each one can be read as a standalone.

As many of you know, I taught writing at Mississippi State University.  I love a chance to dig deep and write a complex book. I’m tapping into my love of gardening and literature to bring you SAVAGE BEAUTY (BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: FAMIY SECRETS BOOK 3), a dark and chilling story about the Allistairs, a family of rose breeders known as the Royal Family of American Horticulture. It will be available in eBook and hardcover on December 16.

Preorder now at the link below. I love the cover. Check it out!


In a stunning novel filled with suspense, secrets and brooding evil, Clive Allistair, the patriarch of the royal family of American horticulture, reigns supreme over three generations of Allistairs, rose breeders of some of the world’s most treasured cultivars. His black rose became the standard for Allistair roses, all named for renowned literary figures or works. But the secret of their roses will die unless Clive’s grandson Stephen takes a wife. He chooses courageous single mom Lily Perkins. Having survived a teenage pregnancy and a hard-knock life to emerge triumphant as an interior designer, she’s the perfect woman to bear his child and carry on the Allistair name. Clive throws a lavish party for a gathering of his Gulf Coast neighbors and the horticultural elite to introduce Stephen’s fiancée and her teenage daughter, as well as his new blue rose–named for one of his favorite poets. In the fairy tale atmosphere, Lily believes her dreams of love and a stable family are about to come true…until she starts to renovate her soon-to-be-home. What she finds behind locked doors in Allistair Manor is a chilling and deadly truth that threatens her dreams and puts everyone she loves at risk. There’s only one person Lily knows she can trust–Dr. Jack Harper, the man who has had her back since she was a child. But they’re in a race against time. Can the two them survive long enough to expose the ultimate evil of a SAVAGE BEAUTY?          


In other book news, I’ve teamed with the great folks and other authors at SMASHWORDS to bring you free books during the entire month of July. You can get MAGNOIA WILD VANISHES, book one of my CHARMED CAT SERIES free, as well my big literary fiction noveL A NECESSARY WOMAN, the popular romance INDISCREET, and reader favorite, DRIVING ME CRAZY, my novel that was submitted for a Pulitzer. Some of my other romances are also free.

Though my Southern Cousins Mysteries are rarely on sale, you can also get ELVIS AND THE BLUE SUEDE BONES at 25% off during the Smashwords sale. You don’t have to have a coupon. The discounts, including free, will automatically be applied at checkout.



Is there a god of second chances? Laugh and cry as two sisters attempt to take care of their aging, spitfire mama. Maggie, the family’s go-to girl, has lost her husband, her home and her career. Then her older sister Jean drops a bombshell, screeching, as always, “Maggie, what are we going to do?” Maggie is exasperated, Jean is terrified, and Mama thinks it’s the best gossip she’s heard all year. Into this mix throw a dog who can’t hang onto his hair, an irresistible DJ who knows how to carve a rose and win a careful heart, and Mama’s geriatric sister who would drive her ancient car to China if somebody would build a bridge across the ocean. Can Maggie take a page from Mama’s book and learn to live large? Can she reach for her dreams and let her sister learn to take care of herself? Readers say, “Grab this book! It’s the kind you can’t wait to share with friends!”

As always, thank you for reading and writing such terrific reviews. You keep me going.

Stay safe. Have a great summer filled with family, friends, laughter and lots of happy reading!


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