“We are proud to present Naughty and Nice, the first book in Peggy Webb’s Sunday Cove Series,’ says publisher Micky Hyman at Red Sky Presents, a division of Red Sky Entertainment.”

I’m delighted to finally share the quote from their press release about my holiday romantic comedy and details about the deal I made with Myron (Micky) Hyman and Jim Rosenfeld, who spearhead Red Sky Entertainment. Both men have amazing credentials. Jim is former President of CBS Television Network and later, Senior Executive VP of the CBS/Broadcast group. Micky negotiated film, television and licensing deals for the iconic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That’s the nutshell version. It would take pages to list all their accomplishments.   

Red Sky “develops and publishes series from accomplished authors, and develops them for movies, television, digital media and merchandising.” And now, they’ve added me to their roster! Happy dancing! 

I signed a multi-book deal with them in late summer. I’d probably confuse everybody, including myself, by trying to list the books and tell what’s in the works for each of them. Instead I’ll share news with you here and on my social media pages as events unfold with each project.

FIRST UP, Naughty and Nice (Sunday Cove Series, Book 1).  It’s newly slicked and shined by Red Sky Presents, and it’s available now in eBook format at Amazon. 

This holiday romantic comedy is from my classic collection, and it’s very funny.  Naughty and Nice is one of four romantic comedies I revised for the series. I relocated the books to Sunday Cove, a small town on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and added a host of quirky hometown regulars you’ll want for next door neighbors. I love writing about family dynamics, and I think you’re going to love the new family connections I created especially for the Sunday Cove Series.

Though much is new and/or updated,I think you will appreciate that I kept the old fashioned virtues of clean language and closed bedroom doors. Naughty and Nice will remind you of simpler, kinder times. It’s not War and Peace or even one of my big literary fiction or suspense novels, but it’s a comfortable, homey little book you can discuss at your family dinner table.

Between now and Christmas I will be doing some Facebook Share contests for Naughty and Nice. There will be GREAT prizes, created especially for this book. I hope you’ll join the fun. Check with me on FB for details.

A big thanks to the great team at Red Sky—Micky, Jim, editor Charlene Keel, and cover designer Jesse Sanchez. I’m excited to see what comes next for the Sunday Cove Series, as well as my other Red Sky projects! Watch my blog for developments.

Happy Holidays!

Peggy Webb

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