I survived the BREAKDOWN and have the tee shirt to prove it. Not only survived it but enjoyed it! You can own the tee and lots of cute swag by going to the BREAKDOWN Swag Store listed on my Books/Special Projects Page.


BREAKDOWN is an exciting, ground-breaking 4-book suspense series I’ve written with three fellow USA Today bestselling authors. The series launches today with four short story prequels that show why the heroine in each of our novels fled to Shutter Lake, the perfect town…until the girl who knew too much was murdered.


Get all four short read prequels today:  no looking back, Debra Webb; her deepest fear, Vicki Hinze; just one look, Peggy Webb and trust no one, Regan Black. See more details on the Books/Special Projects page.


The entire BREAKDOWN 4-book series will be available next month, one each Tuesday starting October 4: the dead girl, Debra Webb; so many secrets, Vicki Hinze; all the lies, Peggy Webb and what she knew, Regan Black.


You can preorder all four now…and I suggest you do. In all the years I’ve been writing, I’ve never had such a unique, exhilarating and fun writing experience! Deb, Vicki and Regan are terrific writers and amazing women.  Thanks to a career that spans thirty-four years, I get to count them as dear friends…and now collaborators extraordinaire.

We wrote separate books, but all of them are about the same set of characters in the same town trying to solve the same murder… and handle the lies and secrets they uncovered in the process. We each took the viewpoint of a strong, independent, flawed female, and we tackled some very important social issues. School shootings.  The tangled web of immigration.  The painful aftermath for a policewoman who has no choice but to defend herself in the line of duty. The lasting trauma to the lone survivor of a serial killer. In order to keep all the details straight, we made a detailed story bible, a map of the city and detailed characters sketches. We wrote the books in tandem so each writer who followed could seamlessly move into her story. We cheered for each other, brainstormed with each other, edited each other.  And through it all, we still love each other

We couldn’t be more excited with the finished series if we had been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature!  Or won the lottery.  Or the mirror ball on Dancing with the Stars.  Now I have to quit writing this post because I have to work on a brand new Elaine Hussey novel…and because I’m getting punchy.

But wait, there’s one more thing! As a special treat during the month of September, I’m giving free copies of the short story, just one look, to everybody who signs up for my mailing list.  Some of you have already received your copies.  I ask you not to share them but instead tell your friends how they can get a free copy, too!  Thanks!  There are lots of other perks to being a part of my mailing list. Next week I’m doing a drawing for the fans who have already subscribed. I’ll send three lucky winners a FREE ebook of their choosing from my backlist or my new novels that are already available. There will be other treats, too. After all, Halloween is just around the corner.

I wish you many happy reading journeys and many blessings.


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