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Welcome to SUNDAY COVE, a romantic comedy series by the beloved and iconic USA Today Bestselling author, Peggy Webb. The Legend of Orange Blossoms is famous for weaving love spells over the citizens of Sunday Cove on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. But for church hostess Holly, knee deep in preparations for a Christmas pageant and taking care of a crotchety grandmother, to boot, there is no time for spells. She just needs to get through the holidays without eating too much homemade pumpkin pie. But then her boss sends her to welcome newcomer Mr. Big Shot Washington DC Oh So Wrong, and Holly gets her first whiff of orange blossoms. With a little help from the Sunday Cove regulars, can Holly turn Mr. Wrong into Mr. Right?

Charmed Cat Mystery Series, Book 1

Peggy’s delightful new cozy series stars the colorful Delaney Sisters, their magical cat Houdini and their great niece, Olympic sharpshooter, Magnolia Wild. Look for the author’s trademark humor and quirky characters in a solid whodunit that will keep you guessing.

 May 7, 2019



(Print version only includes the full-length Southern Cousins Mystery, Elvis and the Blue Suede Bones. Both versions contain the short story prequel to Peggy’s new Charmed Cat Mystery series.)

Jack and Callie are awaiting the arrival of their baby and the whole Valentine clan is in a fever. Jack goes on one last mission for the Company while Callie grabs her last-chance getaway before there’s a whole lotta crying going on in the Jones household. She and the Valentine gang head to New Orleans where Rocky Malone is showing the treasures from his last archeological dig. Cousin Lovie wants to make the world go away so she can have fun with her hunka burnin’ love…until somebody spoils the party with murder. As the Valentines go into sleuth mode they encounter so many surprises they’re all shook up. With Jack in parts unknown, Callie calls Uncle Charlie to the rescue.

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Maggie Carter’s life feels as unpredictable as the monster snow storm sweeping the northwest and bearing down on Minnesota. Her marriage to Joe is on the rocks and her daughter Kate is driving home from college for the holidays, perhaps the last one they will ever spend together. As Maggie prepares for Christmas the unthinkable happens. On the drive home her daughter vanishes. Even worse, she’s the third college girl to disappear near the frozen Superior Hiking Trail within the last two years. Is Kate trapped by brutal nature or is she in the hands of a monster? Maggie, a Search and Rescue handler, and Joe are galvanized into action. Can they find their daughter—and their way back to each other—before it’s too late?

December, 2019